You can literally just jump right into this book. We are readers in our house (well, me and my little one), I’m an avid art lover of all kinds, and I love to find unique things. I initially saw this book, Monsters of the Household Variety by Ruth Ashton, laying on a huge, wonderful bed at Anthropologie.

The book tells the stories of mischievous, lovable, monsters like the light bulb popper, remote control remover, hot water runner – responsible for typical household calamities. It is truly a work of art by Ruth Ashton, and it is stitched with incredible detail onto cotton pages.

As I flipped the amazing large pages, I fell in love. The monsters, the stories, the colors and textures are just so wonderful. I really wanted to buy the book on the spot, but it was not in my budget. I waited, and waited, and checked several times to see if, perhaps, the book had gone on sale and unfortunately, it had not. 

When I was about 4 months pregnant, I was searching the internet for nursery items (both typical and unique) and remembered this wonderful book. I checked on the Anthropologie website and literally screamed (joyfully) when I saw that the book was on sale- clearance even, but I could not seem to add it to my cart. I thought oh no, it’s gone on sale and sold out. I called the customer service number and inquired about the book. The representative said, it was in fact on sale and she would search the company to see if there were any left. She called me back about 15 minutes later and said she had found one, the very last one, in Texas, and would ship it to me with free shipping. 

To say I was excited just doesn’t capture the feeling, I was ecstatic and sentimental as this would be my first gift, for my first son, for our first nursery.

My little one is still little, but older now and loves flipping the large pages (and maybe we sometimes let him climb on it and put pillows on it to form a slide). He loves the stories, and laughs and laughs every time we read it. This book will continue to grow with him. 

Funny enough, I also ended up choosing the Bedtime Hugs décor from the Mama’s and Papa’s nursery collection, and Ruth Ashton is who designed it too (as well as many other nursery items for Mama’s and Papa’s at the time). How funny!

I’ve been researching Ashton’s work (now, Ashton-Shaw) and it seems there may be some new characters in Intolerable Nuisances and Monsters of the Garden Variety…? I truly hope so. I love her work, and I’d like some prints of these little monsters- we all know them too well…

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