Here’s the latest. I wanted, needed a crossbody, wallet on a chain. I carry a large work tote for my laptop, notebook, etc… and I hate when I stop off to shop, want to walk and get a coffee, especially with my little one, and I either have to lug my big, heavy tote around, or put it in the back of the car and carry a wristlet wallet… which drives me crazy because it isn’t comfortable on my wrist and is just inconvenient when I’m holding things or trying to hold my son’s hand, or get money or my phone out. I’m sorry, wristlets are pointless because you actually just end up holding the wristlet which really makes it a clutch and I despise clutches. Ok, well, unless you are on a date- that’s about it. I want my hands free. Sooo, back to my point. I needed something that I could easily pull out of my tote, throw it across me, and easily access my money and phone. After searching A LOT and even buying and returning a few that didn’t work, I decided I would splurge to get what I really wanted/needed. And that brings me to my most recent favorite find – the LV Favorite MM.

There are so many reasons why I adore this little bag. Here’s the gist. It opens so easily with a magnetic closure- one hand, and you can slip your phone or credit card in and out. It has a small gold chain to wear over your shoulder and you can tuck the chain inside if not using it. It has a detachable leather cross body strap. It is large enough to hold a wallet, large phone, keys and sunglasses. THIS was the issue with so many crossbody bags or wallets on a chain. They were either too big or too small. The Favorite holds my necessities perfectly. It’s small enough to tuck into a tote.

So how do I use it? The Favorite is essentially my wallet. The whole thing. In the next post I will elaborate on this and show how I organize it. But it is really my wallet. I used to have a huge Kate Spade travel wallet anyway so this is not much bigger. Then, when I want to just carry the Favorite, I stick my sunglasses inside it and off I go. My big tote goes in the trunk. My shoulders are thanking me.

So yes, it’s LV and it’s a splurge. But if you are still looking for that crossbody, wallet on a chain bag, seriously consider the Favorite MM.

A couple of key things to know. This bag will transfer color from jeans so be careful there. Also, the front plate will scratch but if that’s an issue for you it can be replaced for a nominal charge. For me, I use my bags so it is what it is.

And for those who aren’t LV fans, the key point here is the system works. Find a crossbody you love that tucks into your larger tote — as it may just save you from a few chiropractor visits.

Stay tuned for Part II. The wallets. Can’t wait!

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