In Part I, My Favorite, I detailed why the LV Favorite MM works like a dream bag for me. I use the entire bag as essentially a wallet on a chain, so that the entire bag is really a wallet (with some extra space when needed). So that said, here’s how I organize the MM bag- with these smaller wallets. Although this looks like five different wallets, three of these items are included in one wallet/one purchase. Hey, a three for one at LV works for me, and at a very reasonable price point at least compared to other wallets they offer.

The three items that makeup the Jeanne Wallet are the first three at the top of the photo, and includes the brown envelope wallet, the blue zip pouch to the right and the orange card holder to the left. The other two items I will address.

First off, the small LV zip pouch in Damier Azure, is a key holder and holds my house and car key. If you have a bunch of keys, I’d leave the bigger set in your tote and separate out at least your car and house key for quick, easy access into your crossbody.

For the wallet (brown envelope), there are six card slots so a lot of my cards go here and then I store a pen at the very bottom and receipts or business cards in the envelope part.

For the blue envelope, I actually keep this in the Favorite but not sitting inside the wallet. It stores larger bills and a folded check that I like to have on me if ever needed.

For the orange card holder, this is where I keep my license and insurance card. Sometimes it’s inside the envelope wallet and sometimes it’s floating around in the Favorite.

Finally, for my birthday, I got the brown and pink five card holder – the PORTE-CARTES ZIPPÉ. Love it!! This is where I store my two or three most used cards and smaller bills in the zip top. It could also hold your ID.

So, there it is- my wallet on a chain, plus. I tried the Pochette Felicie posted here, and I loved the inserts – envelope and card holder. But this bag holds nothing else and that was a BIG issue for me.

If you are searching for that perfect bag and wallet system, I think these listed are great options.

Also, Lodis brand has a leather flat card holder, the Audrey-Credit-Card-Case, on Amazon, Walmart sites for $30-$40 which is ideal for holding more cards and lots of color options.

Link here: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Women-s-Lodis-Audrey-Credit-Card-Case-W-Zip-Pocket

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