Lenox French Perle Groove in Ice Blue.
Well, I was on the hunt for dishes. I’ve donated most of our dishes that really were a hodge podge from when we got married and included a Target set that I just didn’t like anymore. I figure if you buy Target dish sets, when you get tired of them, you can donate or sell for a minimal amount without feeling guilty. 

I do have a nice set of white dishes that I will never part with which is my MATCH Pewter set. But these are our “formal” dishes even though we use them all the time. But, you cannot put the MATCH dishes in the dishwasher. I want a nice set that I can dishwash. I’ve looked at a ton of dishes over the years, and I’ve finally decided on a set from Lenox – the French Perle Groove in Ice Blue. 

A little bit about these dishes. First, I really like the traditional French Perle set, but to me it looks best in the cream color, and I really wanted some light blue dishes. Shocking I know…. Also, I like the dot detail on the traditional set, but I think the Groove offers a less formal, more rustic look which is what I was looking for. What I like about the Groove pattern is that you are still getting the nice Lenox brand, a beatiful simple pattern, and the Ice Blue color is almost more of a Robin’s egg blue with some distressing. Distressed dishes? OK, SOLD! Where do I sign? 

A bit on price. The absolute best price I’ve found is at Macy’s on sale 40% off and then on presale which was an additional 25% off – presale is a buy it now, pick it up on X date kinda thing. I have no idea why… but I will take the stacked sale price all day long. I also like the Macy’s set for twelve because it comes with two dishes and one bowl and no mugs. This is a better buy for the money I think. I have enough mugs in my fave Rae Dunn style. I bought 4 separate mugs just to have a few matching if I needed it. 

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