I’m sooooo excited about my new, old, deconstructed chair that I found for $20! I’ve wanted one for so long and they aren’t cheap… I guess I could have made one myself but I don’t have a chair that I particularly want to deconstruct… And the money supports a local dog rescue- even better! My hubs said, you paid money for that? They should have paid you to take it. … Hah! Silly….. 😉 I’m making the burlap cushion- there wasn’t a cushion at all and will clean it up a bit. Actually, it wasn’t even for sale- it was just there propping open the door. 

And… as I’m contemplating about adopting a little Chihuahua pup, this print was in the store. Awwww! Hmmm, is this a sign? 

Have a beautiful day!

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