OK, well, kind of… Actually, I rarely wear makeup. I have a love-hate relationship with makeup. I love buying it, it’s always so pretty in the stores, and that it makes me look 💯 times better than I do (the love part) when I actually take the time to put it on, but I hate keeping up with it. It drives me nuts when I can’t find my powder or blush or especially my mascara. I really don’t like to invest the time to put a lot on. I’m talking five minutes and I want to be done. 

So, that’s why I really like two products and have literally tossed the rest of my makeup. Again, I’m a makeup minimalist, so this probably only works for other makeup minimalists or want to be minimalists. If you love makeup, the whole contouring thing, then maybe add these to your collection. If you want to be a makeup minimalist, then here’s my two favorite products. 

First, Trish McAvoy, and her beauty planners. You can store everything in this one planner, open it up, put it on, and go. That’s it, super simple. There are usually several options of makeup filled planners to choose from. 

Photo Credit: Blue Mercury 

Second, I found this great little all in one Bobbi Brown Beauty Book at Nordstrom over the Holidays. I liked it so much because it has everything you need it one spot, including mascara, and it’s very compact. You could easily replace the tiny mascara with one of those sample size from Ulta when needed. 

Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown; Nordstrom 

So, that’s it. My two faves for makeup minimalism. 
I would also like to mention Aveda makeup. I don’t use much Aveda products, but I do like their compact which allows you to drop in and change up, powder, blush, eyeshadow, etc. it’s handy with a nice large mirror. 

Photo Credit: Aveda

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