I’m an attorney at heart so here’s the disclosure- this is solely my opinion, my two cents, my soapbox, so keep reading as you wish.

I think from a very early age, from the beginning, it’s critical to teach children to be happy with themselves and not compare themselves to others in ways that lead to negative or unhealthy behavior. Being different is OK, having different things is OK, doing different things is OK, and neither is necessarily “better” or “worse.” 

As adults, and for our kids, we should not constantly compare ourselves with others as much as some do. We should not try to one up the other, or as the old saying goes, “keep up with the Jones’.” This mentality, especially if you are teaching it to your child, is toxic and unhealthy. 

Putting another adult or child down for their choices, or their parents’ choices, making that person feel bad so the other can feel good, can feel “better” should not be tolerated. It’s flat out mean, not kind and is terrible bad manners. At the end of the day, be kind to other people. 

To each his own, right? 

And it’s ALL GOOD (as Pete the Cat would say). Let’s teach that to our children. 

Be kind out there. šŸ˜˜

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