I’m completely and utterly obsessed and in love  with this beautiful door. (*Disclosure- this is not my photo.) Since the first time I saw it, it was true door love. I may do something very similar for either our laundry room… which I won’t really get to see that often because the door is always wide open against the wall and my back is to that door doing laundry. And the dog bowls are in there so we keep the door open… Ahh- the realities of life and decor. 

Hmmm, so I’m thinking my closet door which is off the master bathroom. The master bath was recently renovated with Carrera Marble tile and a vintage style, lime finished vanity. So the looks would mesh. I think another ideal spot for this door would be a hall closet. 

*For now I’m crediting the photo source for this door as Pinterest (this photo isn’t mine), but will update the exact source soon with a bit of research. 

All the best on this Wednesday! 

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