Our master bath renovation went very quickly last summer and after the major overhaul – new floors, new shower, new tile, etc, and then it stalled. I needed an electrician that I trusted and would do the remaining work (moving some lights and outlets) up to code, for a reasonable fee. After several no shows and extremely high rates, I took a breather on the final finishes and put the project on hold. It was a finished, useable space. I also needed a painter. I had the lights and chandelier all ready, but no quality contractors to do the work- a small job that most contractors don’t like. 

So finally, this week, I picked the project back up. Yay! I found an excellent electrician and my usual painter confirmed he’s free again for a smaller project. We moved a couple of vanity lights to be centered with the new vanity (after taking out a wall), and hung the new chandelier so that it was centered in the room. (Aside – Why would you not center an overhead light to begin with?!) Next, we will patch the sheetrock and paint. Almost. Done. 

I’m going with an Alabaster or a Decorators White because although the bathroom is entirely Carrera Marble (my favorite except for use in a kitchen due to staining- EEEK), I cannot do blue walls. The Marble and the light blue gray walls make the room feel cold. I’m not against light blue walls altogether, but if you want a neutral to warmer feel, light blue gray walls is not the way to go. So to contrast the Marble and blend with my limed, rustic creamy beige vanity and chandelier, and natural wood barn door (coming up in the next post), I’m going with a pure creamy white. It will feel fresh, clean, neutral and warmer, without being too beige. 

Here are some project photos of the work in progress and color scheme. Personally, I like seeing the before and progress photos. It makes the project so rewarding. 

Add a barn door and we’re finished! Can’t wait. 

Note – you can see the initial bathroom photos and demo in a prior blog post. 

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