I went antiquing today on my lunch break and of course since I wasn’t looking for anything specific, I found so many great things. Isn’t that always the case? I find it especially true when I’m looking for a dress or something dressy to wear. I need it for a wedding and there is nada and then when I have absolutely nothing on the social calendar, I find the cutest dressy clothing and in my size. Ugh…

Anyway, I adore this little antique shop near my son’s school. It’s quite small, and I can’t say it’s reasonably priced, but I do love it. It’s an endearing little shop. The shop itself is decorated so amazingy that I could live there easily. It’s  nice to pop in and see what great pieces they have acquired and to just breath in some decor inspiration- one idea I will share soon here on the blog. 

Today I found this great rustic, vintage ladder (they had a few different ones) and fell head over for this delightful, stunning original painting. And… they match. It’s almost as if the artist was using this ladder in her studio for the painting. I took both pieces on consignment (just love that!) to see if they will work where I’m hoping… If not, I think the painting will find a place in my home somewhere, somehow, and I’ve got my eye on another ladder. 

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