I lucked out with this find. I don’t know how it had not sold yet when I found it. And listen, if you have not used the Roadie App, it so rocks! It’s like Uber for furniture. I’ve used it a couple times and it’s so easy and amazing, and the last time I used it, I had a coupon and picking up two pieces of furniture from two different locations and delivery to my house was $34. Yessss! 

Anyway, back to this little lovely. It is my current project and is coming along. Brown to white (of course), and I’m chalk painting the fabric. I initially thought I would just reupholster it, but figured I would try to paint the fabric first… why not, right?! For a few bucks. It’s something I’ve really wanted to try. I’m very surprised at how well it’s going. No cracking, and the fabric is soft… really. So stay tuned for the finished look and the chalk paint fabric method I’m using which I will blog in detail soon. 

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